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Tired of that old paint job on your car? Foil it!

It’s the coolest thing that happened to a paint job since Earl Scheib. In fact, it’s WAY cooler than that. 3M has developed wrapping tape that is being used by the German military to tape, rather than paint, their tanks in olive drab. Race car teams use it to create stunning computer designed paint jobs to advertise their sponsors, and buses use it for a similar purpose. Now, the technology is available for just about anyone who has a few hours and want to tape their car’s boring paint away.

The process of wrapping the vehicle in 3M wrapping tape is called “foiling” and take about 2 days to overlay, depending on the difficulty of the design. The tape is thick enough that it can protect the underlying paint from chips, scratches and nicks and comes in a variety of colors. And the adhesion is so strong it can last for up to 4 years without replacement. And by then, you’d just get tired of the color anyway and would want to change it again. Or, imagine pulling a practical joke on a friend while they’re on vacation as you change the color of their car before they get home!

Hat Tip – AutoBlog

6 thoughts on “Tired of that old paint job on your car? Foil it!”

  1. @Chris at LG, white is not the only color. a lot of the rich arab heirs in europe and uae use this to paint their bugattis and lamborghinis into chrome, gold, or matte pink if you want. there are many designs and creative techniques used with this

  2. Cant believe that this is apparently a new thing to the yanks, across the pond wrapping cars has been around literally for decades.

  3. when I was a boy we used brown paper with the shine side out then sprayed it with paint did not last for 4 years but looked realy well

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