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The Tiny1 will renew your interest in space


If you’ve ever laid down and looked up at night, you’ve likely seen a myriad of twinkling dots littered across the sky. They’re beautiful and terrifying, mainly because you know there’s more out there than what the naked eye can take in. If you really take an interest, you might have looked up some photos online and come across images from NASA, or from enthusiasts who have tons of money to pour into high-quality equipment.

 If you wish you could see what those people see in real time and take pictures and videos yourself, then the Tiny1 is about to pique your interest. This is an astronomy camera that can fit in your pocket and capture what’s going to feel like the entire universe in a single shot. Not only can it take wonderful pictures, but it has an interactive star map that uses augmented reality to help you find celestial objects in real time. You can also pair the Tiny1 with your smartphone over WiFi to share your endless stream of photos.

There are lens adapters that can be attached to this little device easily so you can use everything from DSLR and mirrorless to telescopes. It only has 4MP, but that is to the benefit as it means better images for this specific type of photography. When you’re not wanting to shoot the night sky, you can turn off astronomy mode and use it like a normal camera. There’s a time lapse mode, it can stand temperatures of -10-55 degrees Celcius, there’s an audio in for mics, an audio out for live monitoring, and it can shoot in .DNG and .RAW. This is a crowdfunding campaign that has more than met its goal, and if you’d like to get your own Tiny1 it’ll cost you $399.

Available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo

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