Tiny trackball mouse gives travelers a new choice for mousing

Genius Traveler

Are you one of those weirdos that prefers using a trackball rather than an ordinary mouse? Okay, so it’s not that weird, but I never much cared for them myself. It seemed like I spent more time trying to precisely move my pointer than anything else, so I stick with what I know. It’s apparent by the sheer amount of mice that they are the preferred method of cursor control, however, trackball users are out there. Well if you’re one of those people, now there’s a new travel-size trackball that you can take anywhere with you.

While I’ll likely never understand why some people prefer the trackball to a standard mouse, I do feel for them, as there aren’t many travel-size options for them. Thankfully the folks over at Genius are sympathetic to your cause and created the Traveler 350. You get your basic buttons, a scrollwheel and two hotkeys for Flip 3D and MCE.

The Genius Traveler 350 is designed to work for those lefties, as well as right-handed folk. It appears to be available now, though I’m unable to find a price at this time.

Source: PCLaunches

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