Tiny projectors can fit almost anywhere

Oculon tiny projectors

I’ve always thought it would be cool to add a projector to my home theater setup. The ability to have an entire wall as my screen is rather enticing. However, my living room really isn’t able to accommodate such a setup. What’s cool is that technology has gotten to the point where portable projectors are a reality. Take this tiny Hikari Pro projectors from Oculon.

This new line of projectors is the smallest that is currently on the market. Looking at the picture, I’m inclined to believe their claim. There are actually two flavors in the line, one is a VGA and the other an SVGA projector.

Sure, these miniature projectors do have their downsides. Mostly the fact that you won’t be able to project a very large picture. From 1 foot away they can create a 12-inch diagonal picture, and from a meter you’ll get one twice as large. If you move them any farther back, you’re not going to get a very bright picture. The VGA model is going to run you $299, while the SVGA will set you back $399.