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Tiny plug-into-the-outlet speakers

Tiny Outlet Speakers
There are certain gadgets that really don’t have any point (think Evil Robotic USB Snowman), but are simply cool to have around. When something has the right price (cheap), it can be fun to buy it even though it will never have a practical use. Sure this next concept gadget may have some purpose, but it’s still a bit wacky. That thing you see in the picture is no air freshener, it’s one tiny speaker.

Some people, but not many, have the luxury of already wired speakers throughout the house capable of playing all of your tunes at crystal clear quality. That’s not the majority of people, and for a party or a time when you just want to listen to your music somewhere else in the house besides your computer or stereo, these tiny speakers may be the way to go. At roughly the size of your standard power adapter, you’re not going to get pristine quality, but it should be good enough. Your audio doesn’t come through the power lines, it comes from an FM radio signal. Any device that can be hooked up to a FM transmitter (stereo, iPod, MP3 player, etc.) can be used. These speakers are circular; knobs are also circular. With a bit of thinking, I figured out that the knob is used to select a station. Once a station has been found, a built-in LED turns green, and if it is the right station, simply wait three seconds for the LED to turn red. At that point, the knob controls volume. For a little more oomph, multiple speakers can be plugged in and tuned to the same frequency.

If this sounded like the perfect option for your home, sorry, this is just a concept design and not available for purchase yet. Who knows, they may be one day though.

[via OhGizmo!]