Tinnitus Masking Sound Generator could help let you sleep well

tinnitus-sound-masking-generatorGetting an adequate amount of sleep is crucial to anyone who wants to wake up feeling refreshed the next day. However, with an ever increasing amounts of stress these days, it can be pretty hard to fall asleep with so many things running through our minds. There are also other medical conditions that might make it difficult to enter dreamland, and one of them would be tinnitus. How about combating this condition with the $99.95 Tinnitus Masking Sound Generator? The Tinnitus Masking Sound Generator happens to be a sound generator which will be able to help muffle the constant ringing or buzzing of tinnitus, so that you can use whatever’s left of your strength to concentrate on a task or go to sleep.

The Tinnitus Masking Sound Generator will make use of similar masking therapy which has been recommended by otolaryngologists and the American Tinnitus Association. The dozen tracks will incorporate specific white-noise frequencies (1,000-10,000 Hz) so that tinnitus sufferers can pick from the specific sound which offers the most effective level of relief. Such digital recordings can be played non-stop or at 30-, 60-, or 90-minutes intervals. Not only that, there will also be another 12-track card of pleasant nature and relaxation sounds including ocean surf and wind chimes to help you relax. Other features include a headphone jack and a backlit alarm clock, and the entire device can run on AC power or via a quartet of AA batteries if you’re traveling.