Timex Ironman One GPS+ is now officially launched

timex-one-gpsTimex, the company that deals with outdoor and sports performance timepieces, has finally, on an official basis, launched the Timex Ironman One GPS+ that was first revealed in August last year. With the Timex Ironman One GPS+, consumers will be able to enjoy stand-alone wireless network connectivity on a timepiece – all without having to remain tethered to a phone, now how about that? Certainly, a device with such capability would allow it to be worth checking out, don’t you think so? Also, I have more than just a simple inkling that with such a naming convention involved, this is one timepiece that will cater to fitness buffs, too.

Basically, the Timex Ironman One GPS+ would be able to offer consumers with the kind of freedom to remain connected during any activity, all the while as they leave their smartphones and music devices behind. Offering new solutions for fitness activities as well as for any other instance when carrying a handset is far from being the ideal solution, the Timex Ironman One GPS+ will also boast of a bunch of game-changing features, where among them include email-based messaging capabilities, tracking capabilities that communicate the user’s location to friends and family anytime, anywhere, a custom-built “Find Me Mode” safety solution that enables users to send an alert with exact location in case of an emergency.

Not only that, the Timex Ironman One GPS+ will also be able to track speed, distance and pace in real-time and instantaneously share performance metrics via one’s favorite social media and online fitness platforms. It will be tough enough to be able to handle being underwater up to 50 meters, which makes it the ideal timepiece when it comes to water exposure, training in the rain or swimming.

Need some music to pump you up in the midst of an exercise? Fret not, there is a built-in MP3 component with 4GB of internal memory that will allow you to enjoy music playback through a Bluetooth headset. Your eyes will be treated to an always-on, touchscreen Qualcomm Mirosol display, sunlight-readable, high-resolution touch display. Each purchase of the Timex Ironman One GPS+ will come with a year’s worth of free data connectivity by AT&T – U.S. and Canada subscribers included, and when the year is over, the second year will cost you $40.00 for data connectivity.

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