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Timeshare Alarm Clock will no swindle you of your money

timeshare-alarm-clockWhen we think about timeshare programs, most of us would be drawn to the exotic locations of various properties where we can spend some much needed rest and relaxation with our loved ones, at a fraction of a price. However, Duaxi Electronics has something very different in store when it comes to the word “timeshare”, offering the all-new Timeshare Alarm Clock. No, you do not have to pay a few hundred dollars every single month just to own part of this particular Timeshare Alarm Clock, but rather, this is a patented alarm clock that will boast of two displays and a dock that will play nice with both Android-powered and iOS devices, making it a world’s first.

Starting life as a Kickstarter project, the Timeshare Alarm Clock intends to be a time changer (pardon the pun) when it comes to alarm clocks that are used by consumers as well as in the hospitality industry. Duaxi founder and inventor Scott Buss figured out the everyday consumer needs to own an alarm clock that is not only visible from all areas of one’s sleeping place, be it in a bedroom, a dormitory or a hotel room. Hence, the dual display integrated into this Bluetooth capable alarm clock.

There is also a patent pending swiveling dock that will support Lightning (iPhone) and USB-C (Android) connectors, where the dock pivots to enable users to view the smartphone’s screen from multiple angles. Accompanying all of those visual cues would be a high-quality speaker that is perfect for listening to music as well as making calls from your smartphone.

Since it is able to face virtually any direction (on a horizontal plane), you will also be able to comfortably perform a video chat from your nice, warm bed without having to get out of it. The days of limited viewing areas and the inconveniences of traditional, single-display alarm clocks are over with the Timeshare Alarm Clock.

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