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Tile ensures you never lose anything else, ever again

tileSome of us happen to have really poor memory, and the very fact that we continue to have our house keys as well as smartphone with us is because out of habit, we make sure that these are in our pockets before we leave the home. However, when you take other items that you do not bring out with you into consideration, such as a remote control or your glasses which incidentally, is hanging off your front shirt pocket. Perhaps a tool or device like the Tile might help? A 4 pack purchase would set you back by £49.99, whereas those who want to give it a try can always settle for the single version at £19.99 a pop.

This is a Bluetooth-enabled Tile that can be attached to any object, allowing you to find it from a distance – as long as it works within the Bluetooth range which is normally 10 meters in theory. It will no doubt rely on an app (which will be free) that runs on your smartphone, telling you just how close or far off you are away from the Tile. Should you be out of range, don’t sweat it, other smartphones with the free app will also be able to help you detect it. The Tile will make use of sound in order to help you zone in on whatever item you have attached it to. It does not seem as though this is the thinnest device of its kind in the world though.