Tiki Tissue Box Holder

This unique gadget is a great way to hand out tissues for those runny noses or during one of the girly movies when all women seem to cry. This Tike Tissue Box Holder will have everyone smiling no matter the reason they need a tissue.

Not only will it be used often but is also a great conversation piece. You can sit one up in every room in the house or at the office and have a tissue handy all the time.

This cool tissue box holder stands up so it is much easier to grab a tissue. All standard size tissue boxes will fit perfectly, so you can still use your favorite.

The legend around this Tiki Tissue Box holder comes from the Polynesian island people. The people from the island of Panoi-Panoi believed that sneezes angered the Gods and that is why people today say “God Bless You”, when you sneeze. Now, let’s go back just a bit further. To believe or not to believe is sneezing really angers the gods you can decide on your own. However, as the legend goes, a cargo ship crashed into the island of Panoi-Panoi carrying 26 tons of freshly ground pepper. Many of the villagers began to sneeze uncontrollably, the volcano that had been dormant erupted, and the island was no more.

So, anyway this Tiki Tissue Box Holder was created as a reminder of the people that once inhabited the island of Panoi-Panoi. Now, you can have this unique polyresin tissue box holder in your home.

This would be a great gift for anyone with allergies that is always searching for a tissue, if they are not offended by the tissues coming out of the nostrils of the Tiki God. You can find this nifty Tiki Tissue Box holder online for around $18.00

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