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The Three Tier Bucket Toss Game lets you have some fun in the sunshine

3tier-bucket-toss-gameA family that plays together, stays together, or so that is the common knowledge that I have come to grasp while growing up. After all, there is nothing quite like letting out all of that stress with someone whom you close and familiar with, sharing all of the ups and downs in life. Instead of participating in something that can only be done alone like walking on water, how about indulging in the $79.95 Three Tier Bucket Toss Game?

The Three Tier Bucket Toss Game is as its name suggests, being a collapsible three-tier bucket toss game that is 1/10th the size and weight of a larger, heavier, less-portable cornhole set. All that it takes to set up the entire shebang would be less than 20 seconds, and the set’s pair of tri-leveled buckets are made from heavy duty plastic which can endure the exuberant play from eight included bean-bag balls. Being appealing to any style of play in order to get the balls into a bucket, you can opt to throw them, deflect them, or simply kick them – as the game boasts of a rising point value the smaller the bucket is.

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