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How to Tie Knots Mug might save your life one day

tie-knots-mugI suppose that not many of us give thought to how our mugs should be like whenever we go to work. Chances are, we might even be using the same old mug that has followed us through the last five jobs, across three different countries and through a quartet of homes already. How about using a mug that not only holds your favorite beverage, but it is also more than capable of actually helping you out in a tight situation that you would not even think you would be in in the first place? I am referring to the £12.99 How to Tie Knots Mug.

First of all, I agree that not all mugs are created equal – some are more useful than the others. In fact, some of us actually bother to read whatever is printed on the mug, out of sheer boredom, but if you would like to add some value to yourself on a personal level, the How to Tie Knots Mug is perfect since it will ensure you will be able to know some of the more basic knots that might come in handy one day. Basically, you will eventually end up knowing how to tie 8 fisherman’s knots over a hot brew, and there is a cleat as its handle alongside a length of rope so that you can get in enough practice to be a pro when the situation calls for it. Pretty neat, yes?