TidyTilt is not a mere mount

There are dime a dozen of iPhone accessories out there, and I am pretty much sure that you as an owner of the iPhone, you do have at least a single accessory in your collection. If you have not yet done so, perhaps you might want to reconsider your stance and settle for one – and if you have to pick just one, then you might want to consider getting the £23.99 TidyTilt which is said to come in black, blue, green, grey and pink colors.
For starters, the TidyTilt is not a solitary mount, as when you apply the magnetic strip to the back of your iPhone, it will become a totally different beast with the TidyTilt in tow. It will offer cord management as well – ideal for those who tend to go to sleep with their iPhone still on, only to find out that when they wake up, they are strangled by their own cord – but not so with the TidyTilt. It also doubles up as a sleek and simple fold-out stand, thanks to its magnetic frame and a handy, portable cable wrapping function.