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Tick Talk Wall Clock lets you customize your clock face

What Time is it? These days, when you ask someone this simple question, they reach for their phone. Now 20 years ago, not many people would have thought to pick up a phone to check the hour. Back then, you just looked at the watch on your wrist, or the clock on the wall. Some people might look at their VCR, but most of those just blinked 12:00 all the time. Well, if you’re one of those people who likes to have a clock on their wall, here is an interesting take on the hanging timepiece.

The Tick Talk Wall Clock works just like any old analog clock. However, instead of a set of Roman numerals or your standard numbers, you’re given a dozen tiny white boards to write on. The white boards are in the shape of speech bubbles, and can be written on and erased (provided you use a dry erase marker, that is), thus the name “Tick Talk.”

What’s interesting is that they’ve chosen to make the writable areas separate from the rest of the clock, which allows you to position them however you like (though you’ll still want to keep them at the hour positions). When you purchase this $32 kit, you’ll get the clock mechanism with minute and hour hands, 12 speech bubbles, a marker, and adhesives for mounting. All you need to supply is the AA battery and a bit of creativity.