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Thunder Generator creates some wicked shockwaves

sonic_noisemakerblaster-thumb-550x207-32284Do you know what you are looking at? It looks like a firehose, doesn’t it? You know how firehoses can disperse crowds? This device, known as the Thunder Generator, can also disperse crowds, and can do a better job.

The Thunder Generator uses ordinary sound with liquid petroleum, cooking gas, and air to create explosions that can create such a shockwave, that they can literally blow people away.

That is, if a person is standing close enough, say, 30 feet, it could kill that person. If a person is standing at the other end of a football field, than they will be stunned by the blast.

The designer, ArmyTec, hopes that this device can be mounted anywhere, and then combined with other Thunder Generator barrels to create a sort of shield around something.

Believe it or not, this device was once used by Israeli farmers to scare birds away. Right now, this amped-up version of the Thunder Generator is starting to scare me away.

Yeah, I’m not looking forward to a future where these devices are used to keep crowds at bay. I suppose it would be better than Soylent Green. Still, if you see this thing coming to a mob, then you had better get as much space between you and it as possible.


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6 thoughts on “Thunder Generator creates some wicked shockwaves”

  1. That is just what we call a spud gun. Some 75mm drain pipe, an end cap fitting for same, a Barbecue igniter set into the cap or pipe, and a can of Ether (Engine Start). Jam a spud in the open end, unscrew the cap and spray in a burst of (any?) flamable gas and put the cap back on. Push the igniter button and BOOM!!!
    Nice SF Policeman came to our door and asked us to stop sending potatoes all over the neighbourhood and scaring everyone.

  2. No, It will not throw people away and t is nothing like a spud gun as the pipe does not allow to put anything into it only that even if TEQIWI had this one in his home shooting potatos than that NICE police man would have changed to a much less nice person and you would fast be put in handy cups and in jail since the all neighborhood would have thought that war started…

    I’ve touched this system,saw it live and spook to its inventors so I know it will hardly harm a person at 30 feet and wont knock them down either yet it’ll sure cause them run away home, the same as is meant for birds.
    I’ve seen the system at work in the agriculture and it works miracles in chasing away pest birds it is 100% effective and not to be compered to any gas cannon.

  3. Seems more like something you would see on the top of a tank. Wonder if the military is looking into it.

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