Thumbthing – Reading with one hand

This is kind of a strange yet cool invention for one who reads a lot. Thumbthing is a brilliant new invention for reading books, i.e. it makes reading more comfortable. Furthermore, you can use it as a bookmark. It is ideal for reading in bed, or in the bath or on the beach, and especially great for commuters.

How it works?

Simply put the Thumbthing onto your thumb and place into the spine of the book. The two wings will hold the pages open more easily, making reading more comfortable.

It allows you to read with one hand only. It prevents the spine of the book from being broken. When finished reading place the Thumbthing into the top of the book so it doesn’t get lost. Thumbthings come in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large) for different-sized thumbs and many bright colours. ‘Size is important!’ it’s the perfect book accessory for a new generation of book-reader.

Approximately priced at about £2, it is available in UK retail stores, Europe as well as US stores. Check out here for more information on where to get them.