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ThreadStax will help keep your closet organized


If you don’t have much space for your clothing, keeping things looking tidy can prove to be rather difficult. You can fold and re-fold things to keep them in a neat stack, but one day of being too busy to fold a shirt before putting it away can snowball into the whole place being a mess in no time. There are organizers, but they often have problems of their own that lead to making a new mess in a slightly more compartmentalized spot.

If you want to have a closet that is as well-kept as those in commercials, the ThreadStax seems like it might actually work. This is a set which will help you fold, stack, and keep all your clothes in a neatly organized pile. This consists of three aspects, which is plastic slides, brackets, and a folder. The slides are sheets of plastic with vents in the center, a tab in the front that acts as a load-bearing spacer, and a magnet on the back that will be drawn to the bracket which you will mount in the back of your closet.

The folder uses replaceable hinges and neodymium magnets to make sure the slider, since they also have magnets, stays in place while you’re folding clothes. This means when you’re done the clothing will already be on a slider, and you can put it on top of the stack. There are brackets that are anywhere from 4-12 inches tall to meet your needs, which means they’ll fit in your closet or drawers alike. This is a crowdfunding campaign, but it has already successfully met its goal, and will cost you $50 or more to start cleaning up your closet.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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