Thonet & Vander‘s Kugel and Koloss Bluetooth speakers hit the US

Thonet & Vander‘s Kugel and Koloss Bluetooth speaker

They say that good things come to those who wait. Having heard that, Thonet & Vander, the German audio company that specializes in merging technology and design for state of the art sound, have decided that the time is ripe to bring about their flagship high-end speakers, namely the Kugel and Koloss, to their product range over to folks who are living in the US. These high end speakers did not just sprout overnight, rather, they happen to be the result of hard work, years of research and artistic development in order to bring about the ultimate clarity in audio. Adding to that they support the newest Bluetooth technology, so no more wires or transmitters.

The Kugel and Koloss speakers have been built from the best materials available, where among them include HDAA (High Density Acoustic Absorber) wood, letting them be active bookshelf speakers that boast of Hi-Fi technology sound and Bluetooth capabilities.

While the Kugel will normally retail for $369.99 a pop, it now comes with a special introductory price of $299.99 on and This particular Bluetooth speaker happens to carry a robust power output of 140W (70W per speaker) in order for it to deliver crystal clear sound at high volumes. It can also fill up a room with sound easily thanks to Rage Bass, an exclusive development of the Thonet & Vander team, while Glow FX, which is yet another T&V’s technological development, delivers smooth treble sounds with extreme definition and sharpness.

As for the Koloss, it also features Rage Bass and Glow FX technology that delivers powerful audio. Being a notch above the Kugel, this happens to be the highest end speaker in the Thonet & Vander range, where it can deliver a widespread and deep sound that features extreme power and purity. There is an output of 160W (80W per speaker) and a pair of 6.5 inch woofers, making this is the most powerful speaker from Thonet & Vander to date. This Koloss model will arrive at the end of next month for $399.99 a pop.

Both models will sport an Antimagnetic Shield that isolates sound and eliminate external interferences for a virtual surround sound experience, accompanied by a rear bass reflex, sporting purposeful placement to increase the bass response through the build of the speaker.