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Thonet & Vander announces Kürbis Bluetooth speaker

KurbisThonet & Vander happens to be a German audio company that specializes in merging technology alongside design in order to deliver state of the art sound. Hence, it has just announced the availability of the Kürbis Bluetooth speaker to folks living over here in the US. What makes the Kürbis special from the rest of the other Bluetooth speakers that are in the market? For starters, it comes with unique technologies that enable treble and bass to play at full volume with a minimal distortion rate. This is made possible because it was made from HDAA high density wood which would help prevent the loss of sound, and boasts of an antimagnetic shield that blocks out external interferences.

In other words, the Kürbis Bluetooth speaker would be more than a welcome addition to any home – or office, that is. The asking price of just $199 delivers surprising audio quality and elegant aesthetics, and along the way, it does away with the need for an additional amplifier or receiver, now how about that?

Thonet & Vander designs each speaker in a unique manner so that it can perform at its best. All of the materials used in production happen to be chosen in order to enhance the sound and performance, and will also do its bit to complement the company’s trademark technologies. Thonet & Vander were inspired by Bauhaus, the German design school which successfully reconciled an innovative aesthetic production with industrial machinery.

Thonet & Vander’s Hammer Bass technology is also part of the mix, so that one can hear the bass in a deeper and adjusted manner, which in turn magnifies the impact of low frequencies. Heck, even the Kurbis’ bass reflex happens to be strategically located at the rear of the speaker so that the bass response is improved. Drone FX will also play trebles clearly and naturally so that it can enhance the detail in the entire frequency range, and when you merge these technologies, listeners can blast music at full volume without suffering from any distortion, delivering a flat sound with exceptional purity to transform any room into a semi-professional studio. You will be able to choose from minimalist shades of black or white.

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