This is one Hot Dog!

barking-hot-dog-cooker.jpgCookouts in the summer as an inevitable as getting bitten by mosquitoes, but that is part and parcel of a BBQ. What happens if your little ones at home are hankering for some good, old fashioned hot dogs but you do not have the time to set up a BBQ? Why, there is always the Barking Hot Dog Cooker to come to your rescue. This unique home appliance will use steam to cook those wieners to perfection, whipping up a wholesome meal within minutes minus all those oil and grease that come with BBQ territory. A special selling point of the Barking Hot Dog Cooker is its ability to bark steadily whenever the sausages within are ready for consumption. It takes less than 10 minutes to roll out half a dozen dogs. Interested moms can pick this up for $34.98 a pop.

Nerd Approved