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Thiphone holds your iPhone in place


This is one of those accessories you buy only after you’ve given up on looking remotely cool.  Once that is all taken care of, this could be a handy item to have around.  For those that are slightly more fashion concsious you might want to continue your search elsewhere.  This accessory would defeinitely make things more convenient when you’re stuck sitting and waiting somewhere.

Of course there are times that it’d be easy to just have a stand for it.  However, not all of the places you’ll be will have some kind of table top for you to place that stand on.  For those situations when there isn’t a table, just wrap this strap around your leg and you can watch your iPhone hands-free.  It can be swiveled so that you can watch your iPhone in different positions.  What’s hilarious is they suggest this for commuters or truckers.  Frankly, the thought of a trucker using this does terrify me a bit.  You can purchase the strap for $30.

Source: GeekyGadgets