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Thinkware reveals Dash Cam X330 an X350 Stateside

dashcam-x350There are so many ways in which a video recorder can be implemented across numerous devices these days, so much so that for many of us, having one dash cam installed in our vehicle’s dashboard is considered to be compulsory. After all, you can never quite tell as to when something bad is going to happen, or when an accident is about to occur. When that happens, at least you have an eyewitness of sorts when it comes to evidence. Thinkware, the leading dash cam company in the world, has just released both its Dash Cam X330 and X350 in the US, which will boast of Wi-Fi functionality so that users are able to hook up their devices to the camera, in addition to a Safety Camera Alert feature which can be connected to the external GPS antenna in order to provide drivers with regularly updated information on verified speed/red-light camera locations and registered speed traps.

The Thinkware Dash Cam X330 is a snap to install, where it will arrive equipped with a 1080p Full HD camera in addition to an array of useful features such as external GPS support for location info and Safety Camera Alerts, a generous 2.7″ LCD display for viewing footage/settings, a slew of autonomous recording modes, Sony CMOS Image sensors, and a Format Free system for universal video playback compatibility.

The Thinkware Dash Cam X350, on the other hand, will arrive equipped with the same standard features as mentioned above, although it will sport an additional integrated Wi-Fi support so that it can connect with your smart devices on Thinkware’s proprietary applications (which are available on both iOS and Android platforms). Both of the Thinkware X330 and X350 models will also be accompanied by Viewer software in order to provide convenient and accurate reviewing of all recorded footage at home on your PC or MAC.

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