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The Thigh and Muscle Massager gives you some much needed “me time”

Metime thigh and muscle massager

Everyone has different groups of muscles that trouble them. Most of us with desk jobs that require us to sit all day have back and neck pain, but that is not the case for the general populace. If the muscles in your hands, thighs, or feet are constantly annoying you, you’re going to want a way to fix them just as badly as someone who has an aching back. Your job and daily activities often determine what parts of your body are affected, but there are a variety of ways to handle each issue.

Of course, seeing a massage therapist is always the best option (assuming they’re good at what they do), but there are gadgets and gizmos out there that will perhaps be more targeted to your specific needs. The MeTime Thigh and Muscle Massager is meant to revitalize your skin and tone your muscles. It has two different attachements and 4 different modes to give your body the rub down it needs. This will not only help you relax, but can also increase blood circulation.

This is rechargeable and waterproof, meaning you can sit in the tub with a muscle-relaxing soak while massaging your muscles simultaneously. It will likely run on a timer so you don’t overdo it and end up bruising your muscles, but if it doesn’t, make sure you don’t go for too long or it may end up being too much of a good thing. This is no cheap trinket of course, and will cost you around $113. When compared to the amount you would spend on seeing a massage therapist though, this is certainly the cheaper option.

Available for purchase on Unikia

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