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The Theradome is a clinical strength laser treatment for hair loss


We are our own worst critic. How we look, act, and dress is often judged far more harshly in our heads than how people actually criticize us. For example, most people won’t even notice for the first week if you get a new haircut or try out a different style of clothing. However, there are some things we have a hard time changing about ourselves. Wrinkles from aging will happen regardless of how hard you try to stave them off, but there are better ways to deal with issues like hair loss.

While you can go to a specified technician, chances are you’d rather deal with a balding head at home. Some don’t mind walking straight into a hair clinic, but others have a harder time and feel embarrassed. If you are one of these people, then you might want to try the Theradome. This is a full scalp clinical strength laser treatment that will stimulate your dormant follicles, increase the size of the follicle of the existing hair, and will slow down or completely halt your hair loss.

Using this for about 2-3 months will start to yield results. It will take a full year for it to really take effect, and you basically have to use this for the rest of your life for it to keep working. This will cost you around $900, which is better than going in for regular visits at a clinic, which could cost you in the thousands pretty quickly. As this is actually using a laser light that emits energy at 678 nanometers instead of cheap LEDs, this is supposed to be just as good or better than what any doctor’s office would have, and is completely hands-free. It is recommended to take two 20-minute sessions a week, which isn’t much to regain some of your former confidence.

Available for purchase onĀ theradomeforhairloss

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