Thermowear T-Shirts

So you want to be a fashionista amongst your friends, but do not exactly want to take the well traveled road that comprises of designer labels as well as expensive accessories? Well, how about a smart casual look that relies not on bling, but on something totally different instead? We’re talking about the Thermowear T-Shirts, where it will come in two different colors – blue and white or pink and purple. Judging by the name itself, you can tell that the Thermowear T-Shirts are heat sensitive, which means they will change color the moment you touch them or get all hot and sweaty whenever you’re busting out some moves on the dance floor to impress the ladies. Retailing for £19.99 each, they’re seriously eye catching to say the least, and you can definitely leave an impression on others, while increasing the chances of you being groped just to see the effect of the colors changing.

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