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ThermoBuffer is the world’s first thermodynamic coffee mug

Coffee and tea lovers will definitely love to have the perfect cuppa, and there are different ways of preparing your favorite drink due to the kind of beans or tea leaves used, but as for me, I would prefer to leave that to the professionals and drop by my nearest gourmet coffee joint to pay them good money for that perfect blend. The thing is, no matter how perfect that cuppa is, it will still fall prey to the natural law of physics – that is, your beverage of choice inside will get cold, really fast if it happens to be cold around you. How else are you supposed to maintain the right temperature?
I guess since necessity is the mother of all invention, here we are with the ThermoBuffer – where it is touted to be the first thermodynamic coffee mug in the world. Just what does the ThermoBuffer do? Well, it bodes no ill will towards tea lovers, but this is basically a mug that targets coffee lovers, offering perfect temperature control for the best coffee flavor at all times. We will take a closer look at how the ThermoBuffer coffee mug works right after the jump, shall we not?

Basically, the ThermoBuffer will be able to cool your scalding hot coffee faster than any other mug, taking as few as a couple of minutes to do so, and yet it is also able to keep the ideal temperature range for up to three hours, letting you enjoy every single flavor of each and every drop – right down to the last, of course! It is a snap to use, where all you need to do is just pour in your coffee and enjoy.
Right now, the ThermoBuffer is under launch production, where it has a capacity rating of 16 oz. The ThermoBuffer resembles and works the same way as that of a typical stainless steel travel mug, where the magic will automatically happen within the walls of the mug. This triple walled stainless steel mug design comes with the inner chamber that contains a patented buffering layer.
The gap between the inner walls is filled with water, of all things. This layer of water functions as a heat sink which will be able to quickly draw the excess heat out of your fresh coffee whenever it is poured into the mug. As for the outer chamber of the mug, it makes use of vacuum insulation in order to keep it a closed system and maintain the ideal temperature for hours.
This project needs $65,000 to kick start, so you might want to make your contribution today, don’t you think so?
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