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Thermal Unmasked Predator Bank scares you into saving

thermal_unmasked_predator_bankWe live in an “instant” society these days, where nearly every single thing needs to be done quickly and as efficiently as possible, otherwise it would be considered to be a slowdown and a hassle to others, or even worse, a handicap. Well, this means we do not think too much about the future, and whatever money that we have today, we tend to spend it all – and even spend tomorrow’s money to boot. Instilling the habit of saving money is an important thing to do for our young ones, and if gentle words do not do the trick, perhaps the $24.99 Thermal Unmasked Predator Bank might be able to scare your little ones into doing so compared to a harmless looking porker of a coin bank.

Here we are with a technicolor Yautja that is more interested in holding your coins for you rather than to sever your head and rip out your spine as a trophy. Good thing you can gain access to all of that hard earned dough as well thanks to the coin release door that is located on its base. You will not be able to find it anywhere else, since this is a limited edition model and an officially licensed Predator merchandise, where there are only 2,000 of these bad boys available in the universe.