Therapist’s Back Pain Reliever — saves you on therapist’s fees

Suffering from back pain can be an excruciating experience, even more so if you happen to be short on cash and am unable to see a therapist. While it is always good to make sure that you exercise and strengthen your back, all the while taking good care of it by not lifting weights that are beyond your range, how about getting a little bit of mechanical help in the relief of your pain? There are cordless devices in the same vein, but the $299.95 Therapist’s Back Pain Reliever certainly takes on a new form.

The Therapist’s Back Pain Reliever comes across as a therapy device that relieves back pain using gentle oscillation in order to loosen up tight muscles, all the while helping you improve the range of motion. You can simulating the touch of a physical therapist or chiropractor using Continuous Motion Therapy, which so happens to be a technique used for 30 years by professionals to treat lower back pain. Its treatment pad subtly rocks back and forth with a gentle hum, which will slowly but surely shift the sacrum and lower-back muscles in the same motion used while walking. Such a process has been proven to be effective in the journal Physiotherapy, as it helps promote flexibility and injury repair, and reduce pain and stiffness. As long as you are no heavier than 320lbs, the Therapist’s Back Pain Reliever is worth a shot.