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Theft Resistant Bicycle Light hopefully works as advertised

theft-resistant-bicycle-lightKleptomaniacs, beware! The $69.95 Theft Resistant Bicycle Light that you see here is something worth checking out if you happen to use the bicycle as your primary mode of transportation, especially when you tend to do a whole lot of commuting on it during the early hours of the morning or in the evenings/night, when you would obviously need a light on your two-wheeler to look out for potential pitfalls in front of you. Well, the Theft Resistant Bicycle Light will not only ensure that your path is well lit, it also helps prevent thieves from cavorting away with the light itself.

Just how is that made possible? No, it is not the magic incantation that the magician Merlin whispered onto a rock so that only the rightful king will be able to remove the sword in the stone, but rather, a special tool that cannot be purchased at any convenience store or hardware shop is required to remove the Theft Resistant Bicycle Light. It takes just 30 seconds to lock the light onto standard handlebars, and would require the provided security screwdriver to remove. Half a dozen ultra-bright LEDs will work together to cast a high-visibility 50-lumen beam over a 30ยบ spread, where it is powered by a trio of AA batteries.