Theft Recovery Microchips

The world definitely does not feel as safe as it was back compared to the past – just open up your newspapers these days, and chances are you will be greeted by bad news, page after page. Murder, theft, you name it, it is all there. Not only that, thieves seem to get more and more bold these days, so extra care needs to be taken to make sure that you do not end up being a victim of yet another snatch theft. Well, I am quite sure the $99.95 Theft Recovery Microchips might be able to help somewhat.
These microchips will rely on radio frequency identification to verify the ownership of stolen items, which is pretty much the same kind of technology used when identifying lost pets. Each chip is registered with an item thanks to a proprietary global database, where any item that is recovered after a theft will be able to reveal a chip’s hidden presence, thanks to a scan by law enforcement personnel or dealers.

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