The Zing Food Fight Spoon: Coolest Gadget Since The Spork?

Once the first spoonful of corn starts flying, forget about it, you’re on your way to a full-fledged food fight. And you know what they say. It’s always better to be prepared. Our recommendation? For every meal you sit down to, you must have a Zing! spoon on standby.

You never know when some little punk is going to get a little to excited about gobbling down his Jello. All it takes is one fling for a rage packed food brawl to unleash in your local cafeteria or delicatessen. The Zing! is a great tool to have handy. A spring-loaded spoon, ready for those far food launches you’ll need to survive the art of the food fight.

The Zing! is a spoon mutated to work sort of like a catapult. Pull pack on the spoon to gather some spring tension and let it fly. And BAM, you’ve got a splattering that would make any janitor cringe or any laundry service drop you from their customer list.

You can buy your own Zing! from The Spoon Sisters for just short of $10. But trust us when we say, you won’t be sorry. Once the food fight starts, it’s every person for themselves, and there are no rules in the war of food. Well, except for not flinging burning hot soup at your enemies. Third degree burns just aren’t worth the risk, you know?

Product Page via CrunchGear