The world’s growing love affair with mobile devices

Nokia N61 mobile phone

When I got my first mobile phone I was quite happy with an alarm clock and thermometer as extras – and it wasn’t that long ago!

The latest phone models come with digital cameras, MP3 players, internet, satellite navigation, and in March we featured the Samsung i380, which comes with an incredible 8 GB of storage space! As mobile phones come with ever more functions, it’s possible that many users will find their multi-functional phones too complex to use. 

Nokia carried out a global survey of what people want from their mobiles. Some of the results are quite suprising.

According to the Nokia survey, it seems that consumers want their mobile gadgets with more features not less.

  • 44% of mobile owners use their phone as their one-and-only camera
  • 73% don’t wear a watch or have a separate alarm clock
  • 67% say they will use a mobile phone rather than an MP3 player in the future
  • 68% would like to be able to control household appliances with their mobile

Needless to say, across the globe, mobiles were found to be the most indispensable of gadgets, with 94% saying they expected to have a mobile phone in the future.

One in five said that losing their mobile phone would be worse than losing their wallet or even their wedding ring!

For more details and statistics, check out the Nokia press release. Found via Tech Digest.

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