The Wii Energizer 2x Induction Charge Station


After a while it gets a little obnoxious having to deal with batteries in your controllers.  Especially if you have more than one.  If you have rechargeables in all of them, then you have to pull them out after they die and wait for them to charge back up again.  That is unless you keep a spare set lying around.  Well Energizer has created a new way to at least make sure your Wiimotes stay plenty charged without the hassle of changing out batteries.

It also allows for you to keep the sleeves on your controllers, instead of having to peel it off of the remote every time you have to change out batteries.  Just place it on the induction charger and it’ll charge up the rechargeable batteries within.  When you purchase the docking stand you’ll also receive 2 rechargeable battery packs.  The Wii Energizer 2x Induction Charge Station will cost you $49.99 from Amazon.  It’s not available just yet though, you can pre-order it now, but it won’t be shipped until the first of June.

Source: GadgetVenue

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