The Wedge Alarm for on the go security

Here’s another way to make sure no one sneaks into your home without your knowledge.  It would also be a great way to know if the kids have gone into a part of the house you don’t want them in.  Since it is just a small alarm, you can place it on a window, an outside door or even a door on the inside.  It would also work great for those that like to travel in their RV or camper.

It has ways to grip carpet, floor and of course, windows.  It is convenient that it’ll work with carpet, since most just have a little adhesive.  This one appears to be a little more versatile when it comes to ways you can use it.  When it is activated, it is 110db and will sound for 5 seconds.  It uses a 12-volt battery and has a one year limited warranty.  You can purchase it online for cheap, $15.99 at The Home Protectors.

Source: Ubergizmo