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The Wedding Ring Coffin

Ring Coffin

It’s a fact of life that many marriages these days end in divorce, which leads to the problem of what to do with the wedding ring. You could sell it but who really wants a second hand failed wedding ring and if the divorce was due to your partner being a stingy git you ain’t going to get much anyway.

So what you need to do is put the final nail into your marital coffin, courtesy of the wedding ring coffin. Perfectly proportioned to hold the blingish of rings and it also comes with a suitable plaque, which include:

  • I Do NOT!!
  • Six feet isn’t deep enough! (my personal favourite)
  • Gone and forgotten

The wedding ring coffin is available here and if you are planning ahead and buying this in advance of any breakup just make sure you don’t throw the ring back at them. Thanks for the tip Steve.

3 thoughts on “The Wedding Ring Coffin”

  1. When I have my divorce party, I’m DEFINTATELY going to get a Wedding Ring Coffin, read my plaque to those present, then close the lid on that chapter of my life and move on to tomorrow!

  2. I saw this on your blog. When my divorce was finalized, I invited some of my closest girlfriends over and I said a few words before sticking my ring in the coffin and “burying my past” with a simple close of the lid. IT FELT GREAT! I didn’t bury the ring in the yard, but it is comfortably lying in a closed casket, in a drawer. Selling the ring wasn’t an option, how much can you get for a small gold ring? Melting it down, nah…too much work. The Wedding Ring Coffin was perfect. I felt the tension ease off the instant I closed the lid. I hadn’t had so much fun with my friends in such a long time. Thank you Wedding Ring Coffin people and Coolest Gadgets for letting me know about it.

  3. This is incredibly creepy. Why you don’t put your wedding ring in the cabinet or something that no one can see.

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