The Wedding Ring Coffin

Ring Coffin

It’s a fact of life that many marriages these days end in divorce, which leads to the problem of what to do with the wedding ring. You could sell it but who really wants a second hand failed wedding ring and if the divorce was due to your partner being a stingy git you ain’t going to get much anyway.

So what you need to do is put the final nail into your marital coffin, courtesy of the wedding ring coffin. Perfectly proportioned to hold the blingish of rings and it also comes with a suitable plaque, which include:

  • I Do NOT!!
  • Six feet isn’t deep enough! (my personal favourite)
  • Gone and forgotten

The wedding ring coffin is available here and if you are planning ahead and buying this in advance of any breakup just make sure you don’t throw the ring back at them. Thanks for the tip Steve.

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