The Wave Clock

The Wave Clock

I’m quite a fan of cool clocks, for me a clock can only be cool if it:

  1. Looks nothing like a clock (the grim reaper clock or the time cube)
  2. Has some quirky or annoying feature (like the puzzle alarm clock or the novelty ball thing)
  3. Or it’s just plain old strange (we’ve reported on too many of those to mention)

This next clock to grace our pages is the wave clock, which kind of ticks all three boxes.

Firstly the wave clock looks nothing like a clock, but more like a badly designed ash tray. Instead of using hands to tell the time it has 2 metal ball bearings that move the surface, very bizarre.

The wave clock is designed by Ross McBride who seems to have something of a fetish for weird clocks (which we think is a good thing). Thanks pcnews for the tip.

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