The Vintage Viewfinder Clock recycles old Viewfinders

Viewfinders at one point were about the coolest things we could possibly imagine.  Now, it’s really only cool, because it was a treasured childhood item.  If you were to give a kid this for a Christmas gift now, they’d look at you like your shoulder sprouted another head.  Even if you were feeling sentimental and bought a working Viewfinder for yourself, eventually you’d get bored with it.  At which point it would get shoved in the back of a closet or drawer.  Instead you can show your appreciation for your childhood toy with this cool clock.

The clock uses one of the older Viewfinders, to give it a nice vintage look.  These are handmade by the Minnesota artist Debra Dresler.  Each one may vary a bit though, because these clocks are made from actual Viewfinders.  Which also means you’re helping to recycle an old forgotten toy.  Unfortunately since they are handmade, they are very pricey.  So you’ll have to be dying for this clock to want to fork out that much cash.  It’s being sold for $145 on Uncommon Goods.

Source: ChipChick

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