The Vibrating Alarm Clock Pillow

No one finds the sound of an alarm to be a pleasant thing.  In some cases it going off can make mornings go very badly.  Either because it will wake up a baby that you just got to sleep soundly or a significant other who doesn’t need to be up for several hours.  If you’re just looking for something that doesn’t sound so obnoxious you can always program an alarm clock to play music instead.  However, that still doesn’t solve the issue of waking up others.  Well this pillow aims to solve that problem.

It comes straight from Japan so likely we won’t be seeing this pillow just yet.  It will probably take a little while to reach the US or UK.  However, you can still admire the idea from afar.  When it’s time to wake up, it silently vibrates.  So if you’re worried about your significant other, hopefully they are a sound sleeper.  I’d imagine something vibrating the bed would still rouse them a bit.  There have been similar designs, there was one that was meant to be placed under your pillow.  The only difference is the one from Japan is meant to be used as your main pillow and has a vibrating mechanism within it.

Source: bbgadgets