The (very geeky) laptop shade

Laptop Sunshade
You gotta love those gadgets where you go: Man, I wish I thought of that one. It seems dead simple because it is, only you weren’t smart enough to start mass producing and over charging for it. Now, the Laptop Sunshade is sort’ve one of those products. I’ve definitely thought of some sort of shield to block the light when using a laptop outside, but this little contraption seems to actually be a rather efficient way of doing it. It’ll work a little better than propping up a newspaper or map on a table. Both solutions will get you some odd looks though.

You probably agree that this can be a handy gadget to have, but man, does it look geeky. There’s no getting around it, this thing is 100% geeky. Most people would just find a nice tree to sit under. But hey, if you’re comfortable with being a geek, go right ahead and get yourself a Laptop Sunshade. (geek! :P) I guess if you’re truly in the middle of nowhere, using this wouldn’t be such a bad thing– nobody can see you there.

While I perpetually make fun of this thing, it does have its uses. In places where you can’t find a Starbucks within a mile radius, as if such a place really exists, I could easily see this Sunshade as one of the best accessories for using a laptop outdoors (alone. :)) But at €25 (or $33) each (fits 10″ – 17″ laptops) the newspaper solution sounds more appealing.

Product Page – [via ubergizmo]