The Vent-Miser helps you save money

In the winter for many people there’s a room that really doesn’t need to be heated as badly.  Actually you might be happier if it received none at all most of the time, especially since most people are trying to spend less money right now.  However, if you keep the vent closed all the time, it’s entirely possible to just forget to open it again.  Although you don’t really want much heat getting into the room, I’m sure you don’t want an in home iceberg.  Well this vent makes your life easier, it could help you save money, while still keeping the room at a reasonable temperature.

The vent is meant to be easily installed in place of the old vent.  Then, once installed it can be programmed to open on certain days, and then close again.  It would be especially convenient for a guest room that you don’t often need.  You could set it up to open the day the guest arrives, or the day before.  Granted I’m sure you could physically walk over and either open or close the vent.  However, this does simplify things a little.  They can be purchased on Amazon in different sizes and colors to accommodate your home.  The Vent-Misers range in price from $22.49 on up to $27.

Source: OhGizmo

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