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The UV Razor Sanitizer kills germs

By now we’ve probably all seen the UV lights meant to sanitize objects, the most popular seems to be the small toothbrush sanitizers.  I doubt that it has occurred to a great deal of people that you might want to sanitize your razor as well.  Once you think about it, it does actually make sense to sanitize your razor.  After all, cuts happen on occasion to even the most careful person.  When that does happen, if your razor is germ infested it’s more likely that the cut will get infected.

This could probably easily work for either men or women, but really wouldn’t apply to those that use disposable razors.  The UV light kills 99.9% of the germs that could cause you to get an infection.  The sanitizer will fit most small razors and would only take a few minutes to run.  Then your razor would be all clean every time you shave.  It’s a cordless sanitizer and takes two AA batteries to run, which of course, are not included.  You can purchase the UV Razor Sanitizer for $29.95 on Amazon.

Source: eb29.99

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