The USB Tank Missile Launcher

There have been a few different types of missile launchers, yet this one has the ability to chase down your co-workers and friends.  The USB tank is controlled on your laptop or PC and from there you can steer as well as make it shoot at whichever target you like.  The little pink missiles will be great to take out anyone causing trouble.  You can even change the angle it shoots, for those times when your target is up high.

The USB toys can shoot 12 feet and you can control four different tanks at once.  Which is far better than all of the missile launchers that just sit on your desk and don’t even chase anyone down.  Sadly, there’s bad news for Mac users that don’t feel like running Windows.  You have to be running Windows 2000, XP or Vista for this to work.  They have a video showing the tank being operated and it’s incredibly simple.    You can purchase it  on Red5 for £40.00 or about $56.

Source: OhGizmo