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The USB missile launcher

I know – another USB gadget, but bear with us! This is one of the coolest toy gadgets we’ve seen in a while; a USB missile launcher. This goes one better than the remote controlled missile launcher we’ve already featured. This missile launcher connects to your PC or laptop and can be controlled using software.

I could really use one of these in my office. I have a particularly irksome colleague who dons a pair of earphones and starts singing, making a noise like a cat with its tail caught in a door. Next time he starts, I can set up my missile launcher; 20 degrees right, attitude 45 degrees and let rip with a salvo of foam missiles.

The USB missile launcher costs roughly $50 and connects to any PC with a USB port. It can be aimed and launched using the software supplied on CD, which runs under Win XP and Win 2000. The launcher itself can pan through 180 degrees and reach an elevation of 45 degrees. The product page doesn’t give the range of the missiles though, and I’ve sent the manufacturers an email to find out if I can reach my irrating office colleague from my desk.

Of course, in practice I would never have to use the missiles in anger. I’m sure the deterrent effect would be enough!

The USB Missle Launcher is available from Latest Buy, found via Red Ferret.

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9 thoughts on “The USB missile launcher”

  1. Hi Dan! Alas they didn’t get back to me…. Anyway, I’ve left that job now so I don’t have to listen to that guy singing. Funny thing is; I quite miss him. haha

  2. The device is SLOW?!?! What did you expect? These aren’t flyswatters! Even SCUD missiles take like 20 minutes to load up a launch sequence. Jeez! Do you really want missiles to just be launched willy-nilly at the whim of a cube dweller who fell asleep at their mouse?

  3. I Bought this item for a christmas present but on testing… lol ;o) I tried to install the soft and it doesn’t want to work. Says that it doesn’t support MS DOS or Windows. Yet the box stats that its XP and 2000 compatable can anyone supply me the software or somewhere i can find it.

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