The USB Ghost Radar

Ghost Radar
I have to say this is one of the more odd gadgets I’ve come across. The USB Ghost Radar supposedly does just as it says, detect ghosts.

This USB gadget might be perfect for any of the psychics out there. The device itself seems to be quite complex, with an array of sensors and alert lights, as well as a very complex algorithm for detecting the paranormal which analyses the sensor data, factors in biometric feedback from your skin, makes lunar-cycle adjustments and many other things. For the most part the sensors take in information dealing with unusual magnetic waves in the room.

While in use, the gadget beeps in rhythm, and the lights are activated depending on the situation. The volume and intensity of the beeps supposedly indicates how close your ghost is. The lights are used to help you determine the ghost’s position, the ghost’s movement, and the risk possibilities.

Personally I think this gadget would just make me become paranoid, but hey, if you want to keep tabs on all the ghosts you’re living with, this gadget is for you!

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