The USB Flower Fragrance Oil Burner

Most computers don’t really smell bad, but I’ve never found their scent alluring either.  I’m sure some enjoy the smell of fresh plastic or something, but the general public probably won’t say they love that computer smell.  Well with this USB drive you may very well start enjoying being around your computer just for the smell.  That little flower actually warms a fragrance to fill your office.  Since you can’t always just have a candle sitting next to you as you would in your own home.  At work sometimes they have rules against that.

The flower is still a concept design that was designed by Fredrik Perman.  As of now there isn’t talk of it making it into stores, but hopefully it will soon.  Apparently he has gone as far as to work on the internal workings of the USB drive and it is factory-ready.  Now all he needs is a manufacturer to snatch up the idea.  Any fragrance can be put into the flowers, so hopefully if this ever gets sold there will be several fun options.

Source: Ubergizmo

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