The USB Flash Drive with Post-It Dispenser

Here’s a convenient mixture of office supplies.  You have both your tiny post-it notes and your USB drive all in one.  Which makes it so you could either make notes about what’s on the drive, or use the sticky notes elsewhere throughout the day.  The tiny drive keeps it simple too, the wood isn’t anything special.  It just looks like a cut and sanded piece of wood.  Which might look a little too dull for some, but you could also easily add a design to the surface, if you’re feeling artistic.

The drive comes from a Japanese company that is selling it for a ridiculous $30.  However, with something like this it would be simple to make your own.  Then you could also choose the type of wood you wanted to use and the size of the drive.  Making it so that it’s more customized to your needs, instead of getting the mass produced version.  At least it’d be cheaper to make your own, although perhaps a little time consuming (not much though).

Source: Craziest Gadgets