The USB Aroma Diffuser

Candles are great for setting the mood and making a room smell a particular way.  However, you get to work and typically you can’t light a candle to mellow yourself out.  It’s just frowned upon in a lot of places to keep an open flame on you desk.  Luckily, several companies release alternative ways to set a warm and inviting environment much in the same way you would with a candle.  They even feature the soft yellow light that you find with a burning candle.

With this diffuser just pick the scent of oils you enjoy and you’ve set your mood.  Hopefully though your nearby coworkers have similar tastes in scents, otherwise, you could easily make them miserable.  These electronic diffusers from USB Brando do their best to simulate the feel of a burning wick to add to the overall affect.  You can run it on either USB power or pop in a couple AA batteries to keep it running.  You can pick them up for $25 a piece.

Source:  Ubergizmo