The USB Apple Fan


A fan is really just a fan.  It blows on you, the only extra that is useful that could possibly be added to a fan is a heating option.  Beyond that nothing extra is really needed.  Yet, you do need your gadgets to match your style and even your interests.  So if you need a fan to blend in with cheesy USB gadgets, this is the one.  That or this could be for teachers and Apple/apple fans.   Although the fan doesn’t come in very Apple-like colors, meaning, it doesn’t com in white.

This cheap flimsy fan in the shape of an apple is powered by a USB cord.  If you want it blowing on you while you’re away from the computer, you’ll just need 4 AAA batteries on stand by to keep it powered up.  Those batteries are of course, not included with the brightly colored fan.  The fan comes in red, green and orange.  As I said before, sadly there is no white version.  It includes a USB cable with the fan upon purchase.  You can pick it up for $16.99 from Gadget4all.

Source: Pocket-lint