The USB 3-in-1 Rota-Rota Combo Hub with thermometers

If you’re in serious need of some extra hubs, this is packed full of them.  It also has a couple of extra features, such as a thermometer.  I’m not really sure why you’d need a thermometer to tell you the temperature of the room you’re already in, but it has one.  It tells both Celsius and Fahrenheit one on each of the dials on the front of the hub.  It’d be nice if they added a clock, or pretty much anything besides a thermometer.  On the plus side when your boss keeps the office too cold or hot, you can tell them the accurate temperature within your complaint about the room temperature.

The hub has 3 USB ports that can rotate a full 90 degrees, which makes it easier to plug in or grab out the USB drives.  In addition to those 3 ports it can read SD, SDHC, MS Duo, MicroSD and M2.  The hub supports Windows 2000, XP and Vista, no help for those running OSX or Leopard though.  Having all of that on such a portable unit would make things a lot easier.  You can pick it up through Brando for a very affordable $15.50.

Source: GeekyGadgets