The Ultimate Gaming Chair

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

Here I thought that the Pyramat Sound Chair was the ultimate gaming chair, but I was wrong. Very wrong.

That title definitely goes to the Ultimate Game Chair. The name really gets the point across, eh?

This chair is packed with features. To start off, there are 12 vibration motors throughout the chair that are synchronized with the games action. Nerdy and cool.

As far as sound goes, you can use your stock headphones from a MP3 player etc, or plug the chair into your home stereo system to get full surround sound. There are adjustable 3D stereo speakers built into the chair as well.

Any type of gaming accessory will probably work with the chair, including steering wheels and custom controllers.

Comfort was definitely not overlooked when this chair was designed. It’s all leather material, has an adjustable headrest, leg rest, and even a beverage and remote controller holder. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this chair will give you a nice massage, too. Seriously.

Quite a few game consoles are compatible with the Ultimate Gaming Chair, including the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, Mac, PS1, and Xbox Live. For audio only, you can use all those and your iPod, DS, PSP, or generic MP3 player.

Just to recap, you get a massage chair, beverage holder, stereo sound, vibrators synced to the game, and a remote holder. If you’re a serious gamer, price means nothing, but if you’re not, the $400 price tag might give you some second thoughts.

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