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The Ultimate Gaming Chair

The Ultimate Gaming Chair

Here I thought that the Pyramat Sound Chair was the ultimate gaming chair, but I was wrong. Very wrong.

That title definitely goes to the Ultimate Game Chair. The name really gets the point across, eh?

This chair is packed with features. To start off, there are 12 vibration motors throughout the chair that are synchronized with the games action. Nerdy and cool.

As far as sound goes, you can use your stock headphones from a MP3 player etc, or plug the chair into your home stereo system to get full surround sound. There are adjustable 3D stereo speakers built into the chair as well.

Any type of gaming accessory will probably work with the chair, including steering wheels and custom controllers.

Comfort was definitely not overlooked when this chair was designed. It’s all leather material, has an adjustable headrest, leg rest, and even a beverage and remote controller holder. Oh, and I forgot to mention that this chair will give you a nice massage, too. Seriously.

Quite a few game consoles are compatible with the Ultimate Gaming Chair, including the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, PC, Mac, PS1, and Xbox Live. For audio only, you can use all those and your iPod, DS, PSP, or generic MP3 player.

Just to recap, you get a massage chair, beverage holder, stereo sound, vibrators synced to the game, and a remote holder. If you’re a serious gamer, price means nothing, but if you’re not, the $400 price tag might give you some second thoughts.

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15 thoughts on “The Ultimate Gaming Chair”

  1. awsome!!!!
    Ive nevere seen a gameing chair
    so hi qulity and hitech!
    Im difinetly telling my mom
    about this chair for christmas.

  2. Hi can you please tell me where i can get one of these chairs in England a site called t used to sell them but i think they have gone bust ( another victim of the recession). many thanks j.peers

  3. cool gadget, sorry mr.skinnyhole was my brother he is being mean ever since he was 13 anyways… best chair ever for gaming thank you for putting this up might bbe around 400 or 500 bucks but its worth it

  4. This looks like a near perfect solution for a classic arcade cockpit I have been working on. Main concerns for me is I would need to try it out before buying one as I am 6’7 and 350lbs. But the overall design would work well in a confined space.

  5. I hear ya Dennis! I don’t know if the chair will be able to hold me 6’9″ frame either. This reminds me of the chair on grandma’s boy but less modern. FTW!

  6. they have this exact chair in the movie 40 yr old Virgin ,The actor that plays the virgin has a house of star trek , figurines and ‘more video games than a 16 yr old japanese jid’ as they say in the movie anyway that chair is center pice of his gaming area and is supposed to be AWESOME for people to use with flight simulator software or first person shooter games, seat has speakers in headrest etc.

  7. Clicked on the product link. While the chair appears on the home page, not only did it say that chair is currently out of stock, you can’t even click anywhere to get more information on the product and its features– the chair is also not listed on the website’s product page at all, which seemed strange if it only *currently* out of stock.

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